Key Staff


Justin Moore RAIA Director, co-founder and public face of Archameleon.

Justin believes that the developing relationship between architect and client is critical to the success of a work of architecture.

Coming as he does from the strong design tradition of the internationally recognised School of Architecture and Design at RMIT, Justin conceptualises then casts an analytical eye every project that comes into the studio, bringing his trademark poetry and practical knowledge to his design.

He is an advocate of innovative contemporary architecture, and likes to challenge conventional and fashionable ways of thinking about design.

His design is informed by his knowledge of construction practice and near twenty years experience in the building industry, down to earth approach as well as his interest in sustainability and materials technology, particularly timber.

Justin is a skilled detailer, a furniture designer and maker. Prior to beginning his architectural studies, Justin gained valuable practical experience in construction, and steel manufacture.

Memberships and professional experiences

Bachelor of Architecture, RMIT and Portsmouth Polytechnic School of Architecture

Registered Architect, Architects Registration Board of Victoria

Member of Woodworkers Association of Victoria

Participant of Ongoing Professional Development Program, Australian Institute of Architects

Work experience prior to 2002 and the establishment of Justin Moore Pty Ltd and Archameleon:

Major Shopping Centre and Showroom Redevelopments, Multi-unit Residential Developments and Social Housing.

Extensive experience in the design and project management of renovations and contemporary additions to period houses, often under heritage overlays.

Mariola Kesy Master of Engineering in Architecture and Urban Design.

Co-founder of Archameleon Architects with over 16 years of industry experience.

Mariola is designer and collaborator, Office Manager, and CAD wizz. She uses her sculptor’s eye and 3-D CAD visualization skills to develop design concepts and produce sketches and studies of proposals at the formative stages of a project. Mariola manages the documentation process of all projects within the office and has extensive experience in the preparation and management of Planning Application submissions.

Prior to Archameleon, Mariola worked widely across architectural sectors ranging from multi storey residential buildings and schools to high-end private houses, all with an emphasis on quality design.

Coming from Wroclaw Polytechnic , an inheritor of the Bauhaus design tradition, Mariola brings a sensitive European approach to contemporary interventions within the fabric of older buildings.

Mariola has gained a reputation for bringing style and fresh thinking to her design and has worked alongside those at the world forefront of CAD design and documentation technology.

She is a colour and interiors specialist. Work experience prior to 2003 and the establishment of Archameleon:

High rise, multi-unit Residential Developments,

Schools and retirement villages,

places of worship,


petrol stations

contemporary additions to period houses,